Total Control: Intermediate Riding Clinic


There is now a 1 day class for experienced riders to get their motorcycle License!


This course is for:

- Riders who need a license and have intermediate (or greater) level experience

- Riders who used to ride and are getting back into the sport

- Riders who look to improve their cornering, braking and technical skills to improve their riding experience, regardless of what kind of motorcycle they ride

- Riders who would consider a track day for additional skill development

Developed by former National champion motorcycle racer and moto-journalist, Lee Parks, this course was designed specifically for returning and current riders who already own a 2-wheel street legal motorcycle or scooter, or those motorcyclists, at least 18 years old, who may have been riding for years, but never obtained their motorcycle license. The Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic is a premium, one-day motorcycle training course taken on your own street legal bike that teaches the intermediate level skills needed to make a much better rider. This course provides comprehensive skills improvement, unlike other courses that repeat basic skills and call it advanced training.

Additionally, this course has now been approved for licensing in Texas. Now, Texas riders who already know the basics of motorcycle operation have a one-day course that will meet the DPS requirements for obtaining a Texas Class M license, and with prior court approval, would also suffice for ticket dismissal.


Your bike- must pass current state inspection and function as designed by the manufacturer without alteration (extended swing arms for example). Tires should be in good condition with adequate tread depth in the center of the tire.

You- Must have a DOT approved helmet (Full face preferred, but not required), Eye protection (either a face shield, or sun/prescription glasses), Motorcycle jacket or long sleeve shirt, full fingered gloves, Riding pants recommended (heavy denim is acceptable), Riding boots with ankle protection (lesser over the ankle boots or sturdy shoes acceptable)

Entrance Evaluation – Each student will be required to perform an entrance evaluation excersise prior to admission to the course. The Evaluation is conducted the morning of the course for all registered attendees. Should the student not pass the Evaluation and be dismissed, there are not refunds for dismissal. The Evaluation consists of riding in a straight line approximately 130’ and in that time shifting to second gear, then come to a smooth stop at the designated spot, including a downshift. From that spot, make a smooth 90-degree left-hand turn though an 8-foot gate, 12 feet from your stop without exceeding the boundary at the 20 foot line. Most riders accomplish this easily, but if you’re concerned, go practice.